RCD Switches

R.C.D (Residual Current Device) or commonly known as a “Safety Switch” is a legal requirement in Australia, designed to protect you and your family from electrocution.

It is now compulsory to have a minimum of 2 R.C.D’s fitted to your home or workplace. In short, all of your lighting points and all of your power outlets must be protected.

In some cases it is recommended that you fit additional R.C.D’s to designated circuits such as spa’s and pool’s (which are also legally required to be protected) to avoid nuisance tripping. For example, it is not uncommon for a swimming pool to trip an R.C.D and if it is wired into your local power circuit you may frequently find yourself resetting your clocks and replacing food in a defrosted freezer. Whereas on its own you will just find your pump isn’t running until you reset your R.C.D.

When an R.C.D activates or trips there could be a number of reasons this has happened. If you have plugged an appliance into your power point i.e. a toaster or a kettle, and all of a sudden you find yourself ‘without power’… You will find that your Safety Switch has tripped. This is telling you that there is something wrong with that appliance. It may be something very minor but if left without repair or replacement it could lead to serious injury or electrocution. If this happens it should simply be a matter of unplugging your faulty appliance, throwing it away or getting it repaired and resetting your R.C.D.

The same applies to your light fittings. If you turn on a light switch and all of a sudden you find yourself in darkness, the tripped R.C.D has detected a fault in your light fitting. Turn off your light switch, reset your R.C.D and call BT Electrical Service to come out to assess your problem.

If a child should jam a finger or a fork into a socket the R.C.D will detect an unexplained loss of current flow which the device recognises and an electric shock and will shut down the circuit (trip) in less than 0.03 seconds. Hopefully avoiding any serious injury or death. Unfortunately R.C.D’s cannot tell the difference between people and water. Therefore if there is some rain and some water gets in where it is not wanted i.e. behind a power point or into a light fitting, it will recognise that as an electrocution and it will also trip. In this case we recommend that you call us for advise or repairs.